Recovery Pack


Recovery Pack


When you're feeling a little worse for wear whether it be post injury, over-exertion or just for general aches, pains & bruising, ABC Gel & Arnica Balm will help in the recovery process.

What's in the pack?

ABC Gel 125ml

Arnica Balm 30gm

Save over 20% when you buy a pack- RRP $30 AUD

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ABC Gel ~ Our top seller! A healing blend of Comfrey & Aloe for the treatment of muscle tears and strains, tendon and ligament problems, bruising, cuts, cracked and broken bones, splints, scar tissue, fibrous tissue, sciatica and arthritis. The comfrey in ABC increases the rate of new cell growth, speeding repair to damaged tissue, Aloe Vera brings relief to cuts and abrasions, mild rashes and skin infections, sunburn, burns, friction burns, sores, mouth sores, fungus and scaling.

Arnica Balm ~ Arnica is a traditional herb that can bring relief to bruising, sprains, strains & knocks to muscles, joints & tendons. Arnica Balm is particularly effective if applied soon after an injury has occured, or is beneficial if applied before a sporting event.